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EXCLUSIVE REVIEW – Awka All Time Best Top 5 Comedians – Parrot Mouth, Yanbaba, Mallam & Others Speak



Yes!! Its finally ready, They say “making someone laugh is not childs
play” this exclusive review was indeed an inspiration as we decided to
take a stroll into the entertainment industry in the comedy sector and
it was a pleasure and privilege hearing from most top and upcoming
comedians as they aired their Best Top 5 Awka Comedians with their
respective Reasons after which they were asked to mention about 2
other Comedians as bonuses that are trying and deserve to be in their
list of top 5. It was on a neutral ground and real as there was no
issue of war of cliques.

For Us to achieve this, we took it upon ourselves to contact the Top
Comedians both Professional and upcoming in an E-Interview. The
supreme aim of this review is our own practical way to Promote
Entertainment in Nigeria and Anambra State and also to let them know
how they affect the Public at Large and continue or make amends.  The
count down was from Top 5 – 1. It indeed took great discipline and
pressure for some not to include themselves….hahahaha!!

Below is what they have to say….


My Name is Uchendu Jeremiah (aka Mallam Dagogo) and here are my Awka
Top 5 comedians….
#5. Prince Neche – He came into the industry in the year 2011 and has
gained so much fans and backed so much Awards for himself.
#4. Igoyan Baba – also came in with the Igbo concept and took over in 2012.
#3. MC  Gentle – is one of the guys that made comedy a brand in Awka
with his “Most wanted” Comedy show.
#2. Mallam Dagogo – is one of the comedians in Awka that came into
Comedy with a very versatility, using both the igbo and Hausa concept
to do jokes. Very creative and dynamic comedian since 2007.
#1. Parrot Mouth – has been a father in the Awka comedy and has
achieved so much than any.

Other Bonuses –
#2. MC  SP – is one of the guys that deserves to be among the top
5ives because of his much contributions with his Awka kings of Awka…
#1. Comic Dr Mmirioma – also deserves it with his own style of comedy
and skits that is trending on social media.


My name is MC  Fear GOD the Prophetic Comedian of the Federal Republic
(PCFR), and here are my Top 5 Awka All Time Best Comedians.
#5.  MC  Dr. Mmirioma:
Reason – Mmiri is one of the best comedians I have seen in Awka. He
has expressed his creativity and versatility (even in Modeling) both
on and off the stage. With some of his comic video skits that trends
the internet, I think he is doing well for himself.
#4. MC  Prince Neche:
Reason – Prince Neche is one comedian I see that has lots of
potentials embedded in him. He’s being able to make a name for himself
within the locals of his environs and in the state. His delivery of
(Jokes) on stage quite exceptional. I like his mode and level of
diction, articulation and also his moral standards. Prince Neche is
one of Awka’s Finest and best comedian.
#3. MC  Mallam Dagogo:
Reason – Mallam Dagogo is one comedian that has this unique way of
interacting with his audience and extracting his jokes from them. His
delivery of (Jokes) is also unique. When it comes to comedy
(Irrespective of Class and Status), Mallam Dagogo is always ready to
#2. MC  Okiripoto:
Reason – MC  Okiripoto is one comedian that I respect so much. His
creativity, versatility, charisma and expressions on and off the stage
performance depict the true life story of a “Chronic Hustler”. His
delivery of (Jokes) on stage is unique and exceptional. Okiri’s jokes
will keep you glued to your seat and keep you attentive, this is
because he has this ability to coin a real life experience and
transforming it into a Joke using different dialects (Especially when
he uses the Igbo language). MC Okiripoto is one of the best comedians
I have seen in Awka.
#1. MC  SP
Reason – As for me, MC  S.p (Senior Prefect of comedy and also the
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Useless matters) is the
All Time Best Comedian I have seen in Awka. S.p has carved a niche for
himself, he has been able to convince me that he is practically one of
the best comedians Awka has ever produced. After successfully hosting
a couple of comedy events he tagged “S.P Comedy Undiluted” in which I
was a guest Comedian, He also did a couple of Audio Comedy Skits (S.p
Comic Class with Naija All Stars) that trending all over the internet
(YouTube), the state, and even the country at large. S.P’s creativity,
versatility, charisma, sense of humor and delivery of (Jokes) is quite
unique. I really do not know what has propelled him to gaining such
heights in my sight, but no matter what Technics he is using, it’s
working for him and I love it. MC  S.p is my No. 1 all time best
comedian in Awka.
Other Bonuses –
#6. MC  Sir Fair:
Reason – MC  Sir Fair deserves a spot on my list even though he is
quite young in the industry. He is a young promising comedian that I
have seen in Awka. His creativity and versatility on stage is awesome
leaving you laughing at intervals while he does his delivery of
(Jokes). As long as comedy is concerned in Awka, He is a “Time-Bomb”
waiting to explode in our generation.
#7. MC  I Go Yan Baba:
Reason – I’ve known MC  I Go Yan for a couple of years now, even
before I came in contact with MC SP Yan baba is a good comedian. Most
times does his delivery of (Jokes) using peoples reactions relating it
to a real life experience. MC  I Go Yan baba is one of Awka’s finest
comedians and I think he deserves a spot on the list.


My name is Comedian Yanbaba, and here are my Awka all time Top 5 comedians:
My Num 5. Should be prince Neche – Neche took everybody by surprise,
he inspires you when you anchor with him. He can pick your joke and
transform it. He can be creative too
My Num 4. Is Mallam Dagogo – this is a guy that has stood the test of
time, he is more of a freestyler, he is very spontaneous too.
My Num 3. Angel Gabriel – he has not been in action for some time now
but we know the material he is made of. He is the first comedian to
push Igbo comedy in the town, he is very good and fluent with igbo
language, he can keep the crowd lively from night till dawn
My Num 2. MC  SP – he is a natural comedian, he is very dramatic. He
has the energy, he is flexible and can play with words. He can sustain
on stage. His materials has weight
My Num 1. Almighty Parrot Mouth – he has all it takes to take over
Nigeria, he has concepts, he has the materials, he has been to places.
He monopolized this two for over four years, he has also work with
some of Nigeria big boys in the industry. I give it to him
Other Bonuses –
#2. MC  Gentle – is the only comedian missing on that list. He is a
comedian with a class,..he has a touch of excellence. The passion for
the job is there too
#1. Comic Dr Mmirioma – his improvement in the game is commendable..he
is a fierce comedian that also believes in organizing shows


Here are my Awka Top 5 comedians
#5. MC  Virgin Mouth – he is good on stage performance
#4. MC  I go Yan – he can make u laugh @ anytime
#3. Prince Neche – the guy has every tin needed as comedian
#2. MC  Mallam – he speaks well
#1. Parrot Mouth – he is humble, dedicated and performs well
Other Bonuses –
MC  SP and MC  Fear God – They ar gud @ joint shows


My name is MC  Sp  and here are my top 5 Awka comedians
#5. MC  Sir Fair – I so much love his delivery and energy
#4. MC  Gentle – he is real
#3. MC  Angel Gabriel – always top of his game
#2. MC  prince Neche – he is spontaneous
#1. MC  I go Yan – always real, creative and don’t copy jokes and
above all he is mature when it comes to stage
Other Bonuses –
#2. MC  Obi Mouth – he is free on stage
#1. MC  Okiri – he makes joke alive


My Name is MC  ParrotMouth. I just know few comedians in awka but
can’t rate their abilities because i’ve not seen all on stage, so I
can only give you names of comedians in no rating other, they are;
MC Koriano, MC Mallam Dagogo, MC Angel Gabriel, MC Gentle, MC Yanbaba
When asked why he didn’t give reason, he said his reasons were
“Theses are comedians I’ve seen make people laugh In awka. I am still
searching to see a comedian with extra humor beyond telling comic
stories. One truly funny in words and attitude and I think MC Yanbaba
is building up for that.


MC Comic Dr Mmirioma
#5. MC  Deprince – He is special in his own way and one of the guys
that is taking comedy far, at least he is one of the best in comedy
skit in Awka now like have the highest nub and am not saying it
because we do them together but am telling you to check them out
#4. MC  SP – One guy that started same time with me but the way we are
taking over makes people think we are one if the oldest
#3. Prince Neche – I so much like that guy he cracks his jokes with
joy and truth be told he is really doing well
#2. Mallam Dagogo – One of the oldest too but he makes jokes out of nothing
#1. Parrot Mouth – I respect him not just only because he is the
oldest in town but because he shows that but in his character and


Am Comedian Poker Messiah and here ‘re my top5 comedians
#5. Mc Okiripoto – he uses Igbo language to crack joke when necessary
#4. I Go Yanbaba – He has raw talent
#3. Mallam Dagogo – I enjoy the part he speaks like an hausa man on stage
#2. MC SP – no dulling moment whenever he is on stage
#1. Prince Neche – He cracks matured jokes

Other Bonuses –
#2. MC Gentle – I like the way he organizes show well
#1. Sir Fair – I laugh whenever he uses ”INDIAN HEMP” people voice
to crack joke


My name is  M.C Okiri d Virgin mouth and here are my top 5 Awka all
time best Comedians
#5. MC SP – he has a way of rebranding jokes and making them sound new
#4. MC Gentle – he is good @ improvising on stage, and he comes up
with good concepts
#3. MC Fear God – though he can do 1 joke over and over again, but he
has a way of rebranding it
#2. Mallam Dagogo – he has a unique style and good materials
#1. MC Angel Gabriel – he is spontaneous, creative, consistent and can
hold an audience for a long time


My name is MC Johnny below are my list of Top 5
#1. Prince Neche – Neche is original and freestyles most atimes
#2. Yanbaba – Yanbaba is good Buh is concentrated mainly on Onitsha
#3. SP – Same as Yanbaba
#4. Sir Fair – Sir Fair is a copycat of Neche
#5. Dagogo
Other Bonuses – Fear God


My Name is Prince Neche, and here are my Top 5 Awka All time best comedians
#5. MC  Gentle –
Reason – He has a lot of energy and he is very passionate about comedy
#4. Angel Gabriel –
Reason – He is very creative and flexible. I enjoy working with him the most
#3. MC  Johnny –
Reason – I see a lot of potentials in him, he challenges me to go the
extra mile.
#2. MC  Koriano –
Reason – Since the question is best “all time comedians” then I have
to add koriano. Tho he is not in awka anymore but his legacies are
still very evident
#1 MC  Parrot Mouth –
Reason- His timing and delivery is world class. He is also one of the
fathers of comedy in awka
Other Bonuses –
My two comedians are;
#2. MC  Sir Fair –
Reason – is Cos I kinda see myself in him. He’s the only person that
can deliver my materials like me.
#1. MC  I Go Yan
Reason – currently he is on top form, I like his consistence with his
Selfie Laughs Series


#5. Okiripoto – he always have wot 2 say nd alway deliver
#4. Mmirioma – can improvise at any show and got that acting ability
#3. SP – uses every means to get d work done
#2. Mallam Dagogo – he is creative
#1. Parrot Mouth – he calms down to thrill his audience


My name is Joseph Bruce and my Top 5 All Time Best Comedians are:
#5. MC Prince Neche – he has natural comedy gesture wonderful style of
#4. MC Biscuit Bone – I call him basket mouth of our time because he
is very creative in making new jokes.
#3. MC Yanbaba – I call stage master why? Because he has stage reflex
#2. MC SP – is so talented in talking and cracking jokes
#1. MC Parrot Mouth – I call him king of comedy, due to the fact that
he is creative in his jokes and style of comedy
Other Bonuses –

My 2 Comedians that I think should be on the list are MC Sp and MC
Nene which is the next Elenu and Akpororo of our time

MC Fear God MC DePrince MC Johnny MC Mallam Dagogo MC Nene MC Parrot Mouth MC Osaluoku MC Okiripoto MC Poker Messiah MC Prince Neche MC SP
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